Song of Solomon, part 1

Roman Dechtiarenko

What God has to say about Romance, Love, Sex, and Marriage as found in His instructions to us in the Book of the Song of Solomon. The same God who has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness, the same God who calls us to righteousness, holiness, and a life without compromise, the same God who forgives sin and guides those who seek wisdom, this same God is the foremost expert on your need for romance and your future or current marriage. He has provided an instructional manual so that we might truly live with joy and intensity of satisfaction that He created us to experience.

The book follows the following outline:

Introduction to Song of Solomon –What God thinks about love and marriage.
[1:1-8] – Attraction is the beginning of romance
[1:9-2:7] – Part Two
[2:8-3:5] – Time spent in getting to know one another.
[2:15-17] – Learning more about each other
[3:1-11; 4:1-4] – Godly courtship leads to godly marriage
[4:5-16] – The wedding
[4:1-5:1] – The honeymoon
[5:1-9; 6:1-13, 5:2-6:3] – Disagreements
[5:10-16; 6:1-3] – Resolving Disagreements
[7:1-11; 8:4] – Improve and Protect Relationship
[7:3-13; 8:1-3] – Continued
[8:4-9] – Faithful Commitment
[8:5-14] – Continued Commitment
[8:10-15] – Conclusion

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