Sermon on the Mount, part 10

John MacArthur

This cycle of lectures by Doctor of Divinity John MacArthur, is dedicated to the “Sermon on the Mount” of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The author clearly explains to the listeners the essence of this comprehensive sermons in which the Lord establishes the fundamental truths of His Kingdom about which He came to preach.

In this sermon, Jesus Christ introduces his manifesto to the world – the Manifesto of the New Monarch.

In the “Sermon on the Mount” the Lord reveals to us the more significant truths that the work of the King is internal and not external, spiritual, but not physical. He reveals that the ideas and principles behind His kingdom are of a higher order and juxtaposed to the ideas of human society. They are dedicated to the revelation of the truth of His teachings, love, salvation and eternal life to the world.

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