On the Family, part 9

Roman Dechtiarenko

In this circuit of lectures the author provides a detailed exhortation to parents regarding how to correctly rear children according to Biblical concepts:

  • Teach the children in the fear of God
  • Maintain purity of thought
  • Obey your parents
  • Be able to choose good friends
  • Control the flesh
  • Restrain your tongue
  • Love your neighbors
  • Love and respect your spouses and children

The author teaches wives about their responsibilities to their husbands. He teaches husbands about their responsibilities to:

  • Love their wives
  • Provide for them
  • Keep them safe
  • Care for them

In this series the following issues are also examined:

  • God’s plan for a husband and wife
  • Four main principles for entering into a marriage
  • God’s model family and the role of the husband in the marriage
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