MacArthur in Russia, part 27

John MacArthur

In this series of lectures the author speaks of the importance of understanding truth and the specifics in defending it.

He compares the church that is unequipped in defending Biblical truth to a man whose immune system has been destroyed. A man such as this is susceptible to every illness. Our main objective is to declare the truth, walk in it and defend it. Therefore:
➢ Christ is the truth.
➢ The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth
➢ We are saved by this Truth
➢ We live this Truth
➢ We worship this Truth
➢ We rejoice in this Truth
➢ We endure persecution for this Truth.

This Truth which the Lord endowed us with will save and keep us throughout our entire lives.

In this series the author also speaks about the uniqueness of the cross and answers the listeners’ questions.

This lecture was recorded in Moscow in 2004

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