Life is Love, part 3

Minsk Theological Seminary

After bathing in the lake and the sea (ie, reflection on Ecclesiastes and Job), we dive into the ocean – the book Song of Songs. The very title of it indicates that this is the best of the songs, the apex of romantic poetry. Love in its every verse. Read at least the first verse: “Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine.” I would have never started one of the books of the Bible with these words. In fact, there are words in the book that are even more risqué.

You cannot erase the words of a song once written, and even more from the Song of Songs. One can only wonder how “the babbling of lovers” has become a part of the Bible, especially since it never mentions God! Perhaps it is because God is in it everywhere, in every verse. Where there is love, there is God. Let’s listen to the best of all the songs.

Teacher: Leonid Mikhovich

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