How to Know God’s Will, part 3

Minsk Theological Seminary

Has God revealed His will? How can we be sure our actions are pleasing to Him? For example, whom should I marry? Where should I study? What should I wear? How do I know God’s will in every step of my life? Sometimes His will is not that clear. It is not in heaven nor is it in the sea (Deut. 30:11-14). God does not hide His will from us, but sometimes we have to work hard to know what it is.
These sermons are about His will. How can one know God’s will? First, we’ll look at the misunderstandings in this area, and then we’ll talk about the most important things in relation to His will.
In this last sermon, Pastor Leonid Mikhovich looks at how the Bible reveals God’s will. Much of God’s will is to follow what He has clearly revealed through His word.

Teacher: Leonid Mikhovich

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