Hermeneutics, part 4


This course is a study of Hermeneutics and what are the basic and fundamental characteristics in studying the Bible. The Inductive method will be taught and studied in detail through various Biblical texts. An approach to Bible study which first observes the text to be studied, interprets those observations, and then applies the truths learned to one’s life and to others.

Bible study has a two-fold purpose:
1. To understand what was written and why and
2. To apply this understanding to our daily walk with the Lord.

The process of application bridges the gap between the world of Bible times and our world of today.

The actual process that leads to bridging this gap can be conceived as a four-step process:
1. Determining the truths taught in a passage of Scripture
2. Formulating a statement of application
3. Relating the application to your life
4. Practicing the application.

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