Galatians, part 11

Roman Dechtiarenko

In this series of lectures the author acquaints the listeners with the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians.

The central theme of this epistle is justification by faith, which is the foundation of the Gospel.

The main theological topics of this epistle are:

  • The ineffectuality of the law to justify
  • The law does not bring salvation, but the wrath of God
  • The just shall live by faith
  • Love fulfills the law
  • The just shall live by faith
  • The war of the flesh against the Spirit
  • Believers are spiritually baptized into Christ
  • Believers are adopted by God

This epistle also is full of personal information about Paul. In the first two chapters he tells about the events which changed his life and brought convicted him of the fact that it is only by faith that we can establish a right relationship with Christ.

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