Genesis: Creation or Evolution, part 06

John MacArthur

The Lecture Circuit on the Creation of the World

The issue of the creation of the world is one exerting great pressure not only on our way of thinking and on a person’s behavior, but also on a man’s entire life. Without a correct understanding of this issue it is impossible to understand our planet, to grasp the universe and even to understand oneself.

There are only two variations in understanding this issue of creation: either the Creator-God exists or He does not. There are no other admissible alternatives.

If there is no Creator, then existence is an improbable, even incredible and irrational product of fate. On the other hand, if a Maker does exist, if, indeed, there is a Creator God, then all else becomes comprehensible, plausible and rational.

Listen to our broadcasts as they will help you to answer many questions regarding the creation of the world.

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