The Importance of the Old Testament in the life of the Christian


2 Tim. 3:16 – This passage teaches that all Scripture is useful and necessary for the life of the Christian. Unfortunately, much of the Old Testament is neglected in our preaching, teaching, and devotional lives. This message explains why the study of the Old Testament is so important for every believer, and gives summaries of the life-changing truths found in various Old Testament books.

Teacher: Alexander Geishenko

Bearing One Another’s Burdens


Galatians 6:1-5 and selected Scriptures – Pastor Igor Bandura of Grace Evangelical-Christian-Baptist church in Odessa encourages believers to “bear one another’s burdens” by following the example of Christ in their personal, family, and church relationships.

The Catastrophe of Careless Words


Matthew 12:35-37 — Our words have great power to harm and destroy. Like arrows or bombs, they can cause great damage to everyone. As Pastors and church leaders must show a good example of our words reflecting the life we live. Jesus was a great example of how sometimes it is better not to return insults, chat in excess, speak carelessly or excessively. One day we will be judged and give account for all our words.