The Hope of Salvation, Part 1


Rom. 5:1-11 – God assures us through Paul, that the salvation He gave us by His grace is sure. Even suffering is no reason for doubt, because we can see God’s hand in it. Our hope is ultimately founded on His love.

Teacher: Pavel Togobitsky

Spread the Word


Acts 7:1-53 – Stephan’s testimony teaches us the basic foundation for spreading the Word. Stephan shows boldness, nearness to his listeners and knowledge of what he is talking about. These three basics flow from his character as a deacon.

Teacher: Gerhard Rehwald

What does God Expect from Us


Hosea 6:6 – God through the prophet Hosea teaches that He doesn’t want merely an outward religiousness that you can see much of in this world. Instead He wants real faithfulness to Him. This faithfulness is impossible without a saving knowledge of God. We need to recognize the importance of having a steadfast love for God and an understanding of Him.

Teacher: Igor Shaifulin

How to Wait for Christ


1 Thess. 5:12-15 – In expectation of Christ’s coming, Christians must not express laziness or negligence as they work and minister. Instead, Christians should be marked by:
1. Obedience and respect of others, and
2. Support for each other.

Teacher: Pavel Shvetsov