The Role Of A Husband In A Family


Ephesians 5:23-24 – Studies have shown that men are the cause for divorce 80% of the time. For men, it is necessary to apply the teaching of Scripture in your marriages in order to prevent making many of the mistakes and errors that lead to the breakdown of your marriages. In his epistle, Paul shows two major principles that a husband should commit to in order to fulfill God’s purpose in his family life.

Teacher: Igor Smolyar

How Faith Is Shown Through Prayer


James 1:5-8 – Today, many people wrongly perceive suffering in the Christian life. James wrote in detail about the trials in the Christian life. In this passage, he teaches that believers must go through tests.

Teacher: Eugene Petrenko

Is It Necessary To See Your Faith?


James 2:14-20 – Since religious freedom arrived in Ukraine, there have been a lot of people who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ. How do we determine the authenticity of their professions? Is it possible to establish who possess true faith? Do I need to see evidence of a true faith? In his epistle, James raises this question and answers it. The text of James 2:14-20 discusses two types of faith: invisible and visible faith.

Teacher: Ruslan Kachur

The Christian’s Road To Spiritual Life


James 1:22-25 – Every person desires to be successful. Christians also wonder how to succeed and be happy. The book of James helps us to answer this question. James gives an example of two types of Christians, but only one is leading a successful Christian life.

Teacher: Andrey Iskorostensky

Bowing in Humility


Psalm 119: 17-24 – All men need to seek the face of God with humility and sincerity, knowing that we are very small and He is very big. As we do this, God opens up his wisdom and gives us understanding, even amidst difficulty. Through this process, He blesses us.

Teacher: Olejnik

Dealing with Spiritual Crisis


Psalm 119: 9-16 – Spiritual crisis is the scariest thing that can happen to a believer, but the anchor that holds each of God’s children to Himself is His Word. Blessing will frequently come when we obey God’s Word, so blessed is the man who follows God’s Word. It is His Word that will keep us away from sin. It will lead us beside still waters and restore even the weariest believing soul.

Teacher: Kolesnik

God, Why is this Happening


Job 19: 23-27 – Be ready to suffer for the gospel. Even if we lose everything in this life, we still have the Lord and our faith. Job believed in a living God who would use any means possible to glorify Himself, even bringing suffering in the live of a believer. Are you ready for such a task?

Teacher: Grenok



Genesis 17:15-18:21 – There are many expectations in life. Each phase of life has new desires and things we wait for. We expect things from man and we expect things from God. Abraham and Sarah waited a long time for a family. The Lord knew the right time for giving them a son. In the same way, He knows the appropriate time to bring specific blessings in the live of every believer. Through this waiting, God grew Abraham’s faith to a new level. God asked Abraham to live faithfully and righteously before Him. The Lord was faithful to fulfill His promise to Abraham, but in His timing. If we don’t get our answer immediately, it means that God wants to teach us something. Everything God does is for His glory and our good.

Teacher: Driga

Family Relationships


Proverbs 31:10-22 – Sin is the reason for all the problems and conflicts. Husbands and wives are both guilty for this. There are two points to consider in working on having a happy family.
1) The husband should consider his wife as his most treasured possession. To find such a wife is difficult and lots of effort should be taken to pray for such a wife.
2) The wife should fear the Lord and help her husband in all matters.

Teacher: Chargeshvilli

What is True Blessing?


Jeremiah 17:5-8 – What is true blessing and how do we get it? Is success having a strong family, a good career, and lots of money? Jeremiah describes the man who is blessed and who is not blessed.
1) Those who are not blessed put their hope and trust in man. They use human reasoning and principles for life. Their hearts continually stray further and further from the Lord.
2) The blessed man’s hope is in the Lord. Their faith and hope are in the Lord. His dependency is in the Lord alone.

Teacher: Belousov